Florida Vineyard

Established in April 2013

Family Owned

The Florida Winery & Vineyard has been a dream of the Hagan Family for years.  Originally from the Mexico, Missouri area the Hagan's were familiar with Florida and it's historical significance to Missouri and a world full of Mark Twain admirers.


Owning property in Florida since the 1980's it was a long-range plan to open a Bed & Breakfast in Florida and for proprietors Warren and Sharlene Hagan to retire there as well.   While plans were underway to build the Bed & Breakfast with a Lodge for their guests to enjoy the Hagan's thought an additional attraction in the area would be something they should investigate.  After visiting numerous wineries throughout the United States a passion grew to create their own winery.  This passion grew to the reality it is today.  Open a 3 room Bed & Breakfast! Plant a vineyard! Make some wine! Talk about Mark Twain!  What could be more appropriate in Mark Twain's birthplace of Florida!


The Florida Vineyard is a little under an acre and was created in April of 2013.  The Hagan Family teamed up to plant over 600 vines in 4 days.  Teeth chattered in the cold rain that descended upon them as they worked long hours to complete the task.  Hagan-Binder Landscape Design lead them through the final vine being planted.  A joyous celebration of their efforts ensued afterwards.  The celebrated grapes that were planted included Cabernet Franc, Treminette, Vignoles, and Chambourcin.










Florida Winery & Vineyard

"Where Literature Meets History Over a Glass of Wine "

We are closed for the season.  Thank you to everyone who supported us this year!  See you in 2020!